Navajo Pawn Concho Belts

Navajo Dead Pawn Sterling Silver Concho Belts

Made with silver and may include Turquoise stones in and around the silver Concho.  They are a must-have item for many of the Navajo People even today. The old and vintage belts that we have for sale are some of our very best that come from our dead pawn vault.

For more information on any of the featured belts please email or call 505-598-6570 .

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Sterling Silver Belt 12 Conchos

Dead pawn sterling silver concho belt

Story Teller Belt 11

Dead pawn sterling silver Story Teller Concho Belt

Navajo Cluster Belt 1

Navajo Clustered Turquoise Silver Belt

Navajo Concho Belt 11

Navajo one Stone Silver Concho Belt

Navajo One Stone Concho Belt 12

Navajo Solid Silver One Stone Concho Belt

Navajo Silver Concho Belt 35

Navajo Silver Concho Belt